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In Relationship Coaching & Couples Coaching We Ask the Question -
What is it You Are Truly Looking For?

"Along the road on our personal journey through life we meet many people. Some nod, smile and pass by; some we run into occasionally – they seem to be going the same direction as we. Then there are those we meet and want to stay with. There is something special about these persons. We become emotionally connected to them. They have that certain….

- these are our close relationships."

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More than in any other area of our life, these emotional connections tend to bring out our highest highs and our lowest lows! We have all experienced these at one time or another...

The highs feel great, but the lows don't feel so good.

Lets not forget the other relationships in our lives:


    Co-workers and colleagues

    Professionals we deal with (doctor, dentist, etc)

    The person who pushed against you, accidentally, while crossing the street

    The person who cut you off on the freeway

Yes, these too are our relationships. Because there is either a connectedness of some kind; a relation in some manner; a mutual interest or dealing in some way; or kinship.

At any point, in any of our relationships - including all the above and others I'm sure you can add - we can react or feel one way or another.

Do any of these apply to you?:
  • You've had a long run of ‘making bad choices’ and would like to change that.
  • You would like to be in a relationship, but_______(fill in the blank)just keeps preventing you from getting into or maintaining a satisfying one.
  • You are in transition from a recently ended relationship and would like to 'get over it'- so you can start a new one.
  • You feel like the passion has run out and would like to rekindle it
  • You are experiencing some challenges and would like to work through them to have a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.
  • You have a strained relationship with your parents or one of your siblings and you would like to resolve it
  • You are having trouble getting along with someone at work.

  • You find yourself easily upset at others

If you have answered yes to any of the above, or if you find yourself wondering what it is you are doing wrong, or what it is you are not doing...

that's where Relationship Coaching can help.


Our Relationship Coaching will:

  • Help you focus on the now and the future instead of the past.

  • Assist you with releasing emotional attachments on past events - without focusing on them. This frees you up to move forward.

  • Help you align your personal values with the relationship you are seeking...this helps make it work!

  • Assist you to find out what you are truly looking for in a relationship, and support you in attaining it.

  • Support you in re-connecting with the resources you have, to make clear choices

  • Our Relationship Coaching helps you to focus on what you want in a relationship, and we support you in achieving it.

    We use techniques that help you in releasing emotions and decisions that may be keeping you from experiencing this part of your life fully. We help you identify the values you hold for this area of your life , then assist you in aligning those values to your goals.

    We also have workshops and seminars that can assist you in this and other areas of your life.

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