Personal Development Courses

Our Personal Development Courses are designed for you and your goals.

For some, Personal Development can mean achieving success in a particular area of life, for some it can mean having a greater understanding of life, for some it can be getting to a greater balance in their lives, still for others it can mean something else - it's personal to you.

Whatever it means to you, our courses are designed so you will get your personal results.


We currently have 2 Levels in our Personal Development Courses. .

We have an introductory weekend workshop for those who want to experience some of the things that can bring you to another level in any area of your life.

This is followed by a 5 day seminar which is profound and life changing. This seminar will allow you to see life, events, yourself, and others in a new way.

Looking for that AHA!!

How about balance, achievement, change of direction -

whatever you are looking for ~ you can begin your success in our weekend workshop - the first level in our Personal Development Courses.

  • Personal Development Level I:

    An introductory weekend workshop - This workshop can be the beginning of change your life is searching for!

    It includes determining where you are now, values, and goal setting. It includes an introduction to discovering yourself and your purpose.

  • Looking to find even deeper meaning in what you are doing. The 5 day Level II course is for you. This seminar will give you an interactive experience in yourself - where you are, and where you are going.

  • Personal Development Level II This is a 5 day process of personal development. Once you have completed the weekend workshop you will definitely want to participate in this powerful, life changing seminar in excellence!

    This course will take you further into self discovery ~ some of which may surprise you.(Prerequisite - Personal Development I

  • Our Workshops and Seminars work in coordination with our coaching to 'Bridge the Gap'~ Between Where You Are and Where You Want To Be.

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