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When looking for Home Health Consulting, it's important to consider the actual consultant that comes in to assist you when you need the help.

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Mary Titus has 32 years of experience in the home health industry. She knows this business and understands what it takes to be successful. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and regarded as an expert in the home health field. She has functioned in a variety of positions within the industry - clinical and operational - most recently as Operations Manager - and has expertise in development, training and implementation of:
  • Home Health Sales/Business Development
  • Financial Success in Home Care
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Operational Processes

  • This industry is, and always has been, very dynamic. It has consistently changed over the years in response to the market and needs of the communities...and it will continue to change.

    Mary continues to maintain her knowledge and understanding of the industry as these changes occur - looking at trends and outcomes.

    Mary has expertise through years of experience in home health regulations regarding:
  • COPs
  • Coverage Criteria
  • Coding Conventions
  • OASIS Rules
  • Home Health Billing
  • QA/PI
  • Recons & Appeals
  • Training in all the above

  • Mary has always been committed to excellence in the home health field. She strongly believes you can provide good health care while enjoying financial success.

    Contact Mary for your Home Health Consulting needs.

    Mary also provides 'Coaching' to the Home Health Community. Who better to coach, than someone who knows this industry as well as Mary. Contact Mary for your Coaching needs as well as your Consulting needs.

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