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  • Are you really ready to start taking care of yourself?
  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Are you tired of being in pain?
  • Would you like to get back in touch with the motivation to get back into shape?

We access a number of resources to assist you with your health. These include Coaching, Hypnosis, ,nutrition guidance, Energy Balancing, Reiki , and more.

You have the resources and ability to Start what you want to start, Continue what you want to continue, Change what you want to change, and Stop what you want to stop.

This can include changing your eating habits and improving your nutrition, starting an exercise program for fitness, stopping unwanted habits like smoking, or motivation to continue, or resume, the things you started for your health.

Research clearly shows the positive outcomes complimentary approaches to health have on your overall well being as well as your healing process.

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Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well. ~Marcus Valerius Martial

Hypnosis & Cancer:

We’re proud to provide hypnosis services to those with mesothelioma cancer.

Initial studies have shown hypnosis to be extremely beneficial for cancer patients and their loved ones who battle anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and other secondary symptoms associated with traditional cancer treatments.

Aggressive cancers like mesothelioma can have harmful side effects associated with radiation and chemotherapy regimens.

Hypnosis has demonstrated improved capacity to manage these symptoms in mesothelioma patients as well as that of other types of cancer.

(refer to article: Hypnosis in Cancer Care )

Our coaching can assist you with the motivation to make choices you want for your Health and Wellness !

We know that everyone is different and that everyone has their own concept about what's important to them about health.

WE Understand That!

So, we help you identify what's important to YOU about your health, and then help you to set achievable goals aligned with what's important to you.

Begin today with our coaching, hypnosis and our 'Get Your__Together' Workshops and Seminars in Excellence to Achieve Excellence in Wellness as well as all areas of your life.

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