Get Your_Together Workshops

How many times have you heard "Why can't you just Get Your_Together?!!"

(or have you been the one saying that to yourself in one way or another...)

Introducing several 1 or 2 day workshops that will Improve your Performance, Get you Results, Empower you and help you Get What You Want in whatever Area of Life the ___ represents to you.

Our Workshops are a great way to learn - and to start using strategies and techniques that can help you get results, empower you to make changes that will improve your life, and really live the life you want to live!

Insert any Area of your Life into the __, and begin the Journey - Cross that Bridge - Change & Improve your Life.

  • ' Create the Life You Choice - This 5 hour Workshop will teach you some simple steps you can develop to make better choices for yourself, and then put those choices to work to Create the Life you Want. This workshop is fun, interactive, and powerful!

    Next Workshop: Saturday October 15, 2011

    Location: Orange County, CA

    Cost: $125.00

  • ' Finding & Living Your Passions ' - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose - This Workshop Series will help you to:
    • Get Clear About What Your Passions Are
    • Identify Your Top 5 Passions
    • Help You Learn How To Put Focus on What You Want
    • Help You Eliminate Blocks & Obstacles That You May or May Not Be Aware Are In Your Way
    • Help Get You On The Road To LIVING YOUR PASSIONS!
    Next Workshops:

    September 17, 24, and October 1, 2011

    Location: Orange County, CA

    Cost: $100.00

  • ' Get Your_Together Workshops ' Introduction - This is an introductory 2 day weekend workshop.

    You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight ~ Jim Rohn

    In this workshop we look at some things that can change your direction so you can get to the destination of your choice. We teach you some of the basics concepts of communication including how people neurologically process information and how to determine a persons communication system. We'll teach you some techniques for eliminating the barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. These can be simple things you say everyday that become your mantra. We will help you understand how to identify your values for any area in life. And, we will teach you how to effectively set a goal that will be achievable.This workshop is fun, interactive and Powerful!Enroll now in our next workshop: November 12 & 13, 2011
    Location: Orange County, CA

  • Get Your_Together Workshops: Where Am I, Where Am I Going, What Do I Need To Get There? - A 1 day weekend workshop focused on you actualizing your goals. We will give you the strategies to help ensure you achieve your goals in any area of life.
  • You will never leave where you are, until you decide where you'd rather be. ~ Dexter Yager

    In this workshop we give you the tools that will enable you to develop a plan for your life, then set that plan in motion. We help you identify your values and align them to your goals. Trust me, its easier to attain a goal that fits with your values! Then we'll show you how to set those goals into your future so you will be sure to achieve them.This workshop helps you take control of your life!

    Enroll now in our next workshop: Saturday December 10, 2011
    Location: Orange County, CA

    Get Your_Together Workshops

  • Effective Communication Strategies for Health & Wellness Practitioners ~ A one day workshop about communication.
    This workshop is geared toward health and wellness practitioners, teaching the effective communication techniques that are essential when communicating with clients.

    Next Workshop:

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    10AM - 5PM

  • 'Understanding and Using Communication Strategies' ~ A 1 day workshop that's all about Communication.

    How can we get people who look at life differently to begin to communicate effectively?

    This is part of our Get Your_Together Workshops series and it is a must for sales representatives, executives, managers, parents, and any individual who has difficulty communicating or connecting with anyone!(at work, home or school). We teach you how people process information neurologically. We'll give you tips on how to connect with people using their processing system. We'll show you how to develop connections with clients who don't have time for you, or family members who don't seem to speak the same language. When you leave this workshop you will have the tools to more effectively communicate with anyone.

    Enroll now in our next workshop: 2 Offerings - Saturday November 5, 2011
    Location: Orange County, CA

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