Education Coaching - Everyone Can Be Successful in School!

You or Your child can Actualize Excellence through Education Coaching

Coaching can help many students achieve success by offering some simple strategies that can transform a student who may be struggling into one who Actualizes their Excellence!

Is your kindergarten child is learning to cope with school for the first time? Does your grade school child seem to be struggling with reading or spelling? As your high school child tries to find self, does s/he have difficulty staying on course with studies? Perhaps you are a new college student coping with your personal development .

Whether a young student or an adult student, we believe that every student has the resources they need to succeed.

What are some things that differentiate a successful student from a struggling one?

Successful Students:

  • Know they can succeed
  • Set Goals
  • Know what to do to get what they need
  • Enlist support and assistance when they need it
  • Turn potential obstacles into opportunities

set goals

Whether you are a student, or a parent of a student - coaching can help you reconnect with resources you may not be aware you have,...

reach for the stars

...and help you turn those obstacles into opportunities so you can achieve the success you or your child want!

Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind... - ~ Rudyard Kipling

How true this is. Words can be very hypnotic. So hypnotic that we blindly believe what others say. Just look at any advertisement.

We tend to believe words - whether we read them, or someone says them - especially if they come from an authority figure.

When someone tells a parent that their child has difficulty learning it can be very disheartening. After all, we believe that a good education is essential for our children. We start saving for college when they are born and spend the first few years of their lives prepping them for kindergarten!

This can be just as disheartening for a college or adult student, who may have their hopes set on an education to enable them to begin a career, change or enhance a career, or for personal enhancement.

Many students and parents give up at this point, but you don't have to.

You have a choice -

happy college students
When we accept what someone tells us, it becomes what they said it would be. When we don't accept what someone tells us, it can become whatever we create. ~ Mary Titus

Through our Education Coaching we offer tips and techniques that can help you or your child:
  • Set Goals
  • Increase GPA
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Achieve Success

We believe everyone is born with the tools to achieve excellence.

We believe the support, mentoring, and love from parents and other loved ones; along with these specific learning strategies from Total Life's Education Coaching , will make an impact which will empower you or your child and enable everyone to 'Actualize Excellence' in school.

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