Coach Mentor Program

The Total Life Coaching Coach Mentor Program was designed to assist new and veteran Coaches to create success in their practice.

You have completed the course requirements to be recognized as a Coach.


Now What!

Where do I start? Where are my clients going to come from? What if I don't remember all the techniques?

In our Mentor Program we provide practical guidance to help you:

• Establish your niche

• Identify your ideal client

• Marketing practices that work

Web site ideas

• Networking

• Initial contact

• Setting up Coaching Agreement

• Coaching Session organization

• Coaching Documentation

• Doing your homework for your clients

• Eliminating obstacles

• Handling client resistance

• Become proficient with techniques

The Coach Agrees to a 1 year contract.

Our Program includes individual and group sessions.

Options Include:

  • INDIVIDUAL MENTORING is conducted as Coaching Sessions for your success. They are scheduled 3x a month for 1 hour.
  • GROUP MENTORING is conducted 3x / month as a teleconference
  • GROUP/INDIVIDUAL COMBO - which includes the 3 Group teleconferences plus up to 2 individual sessions /month

  • I highly recommend Solo Build It! for those who are interested in a website that really works.

    Solo Build It!

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