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On this page we have listed Books and Products that are either required or recommended for our courses; as well as other items to help Create The Life You Want.

We provide these links to you as a service for you to get the most out of our seminar and workshop offerings and to offer you some of the best items we have found to enhance your personal and professional growth and to keep you focused on your Passions and the Choices you make toward Creating the Life You Want.

The following are Required Reading for NLP Coach, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy Courses, and The Passion Test Workshops:

Recommended Reading for:NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis

In addition to the above, I highlhy recommend the book:The Wizard Within by A.M. Krasner, PhD

Recommended Reading for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Movies and Videos

And...From Hay House - The International Leader in Inspirational and Self Help Books:

Hay House, Inc.

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