TLC Testimonials

These TLC Testimonials are some of the comments from clients and participants in my Workshops and Classes. We value and appreciate each and every one of you for the commitment you have made to yourself in creating your life and following your passions.

“In just 1 session with Mary I was able to beat the smoking habit I had for over 35 years! It was so effortless that many friends and co-workers didn’t realize any difference in me.” Terri C - San Clemente CA

"Wow, what a beautiful experience. Thank you. I am so blessed & excited for the journey this will lead me to.." Connie R - La Mirada CA

“I wasn’t happy with my weight and decided to try hypnosis to at least reduce some of the eating habits I had. After 1 session I stopped drinking coke at work (which I was drinking all day long!), and to this day I drink primarily water at work. P.S. - Huntington Beach CA

"Mary, Thank You so much! I could not have thought of a better person to experience this with. You are such an amazing soul and thank you for bringing this energy of love to my life..." Carrie C, Garden Grove CA

"Mary, you are so energetic and knowledgeable - it was fun & a pleasure to meet you!" Regan A - Las Vegas NV

"Thank you so much. This has been such a great foundation for the long road. You are very talented - thank you for sharing your God given gift..." Barb D - Fullerton CA

"I had such a terrible phobia of needles that I wouldn't get treated for kidney stones because it would require an IV. The pain was horrible, but it was better than the IV. In 1 session with Mary I was able to let go of the phobia and within a week I texted her a picture of me in the hospital with an IV needle in my arm" Anthony G - Ft Valley CA

Please feel free to contact us is you are interested in learning more, would like to schedule an appointment, or if you are interested in one of our Workshops/Classes after reading these TLC Testimonials.

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