HealthCare Business Coaching - Bridging the Gap to Where You Want to Be

HealthCare Business Coaching will help get you Where You Want to Be!

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have hired a great team to move you forward, but...

  • The reimbursement you are seeing doesn't meet with your budgeted forecasts.

  • You question whether your managers are getting the best performance out of their teams.

  • You continue to see the same trends in your sales, your weekly numbers and your Performance Improvement statistics.

  • Reimbursement guidelines are about to change again, and you are not sure your teams will be able to incorporate the new 'rules' to get you the reimbursement you need to care for the patients. (they haven't even been able to incorporate the current 'rules')

  • No matter what you do regarding training and support to your operational or clinical teams, you continue to get the same outcomes - financially and clinically.

  • Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you meeting or exceeding your budgeted monthly sales?
    • Is your business not only growing- growing profitably - month over month, year over year?
    • Are you able to attract the professional health staff that will help build your business through excellent service?
    • Do you have a vision of where your organization will be in 6 months, 1 year or 5 years from now?
    • If you have a vision, do you have a strategy for getting there?
    • Have you done all the above, and still not meeting your budget and goals?

    That's why you need Total Life Coaching. We can assist you with all the above

    I've been involved in Health Care for more than 30 years. I've been a practitioner, Clinical Manager, Operations Manager, Consultant, Business owner and Coach - I know this industry!

    Total Life's HealthCare Business Coaching will help unlock your potential as an effective leader and improve the overall performance of your organization to get the results you need to succeed.

    We help identify resources in you and your team that you/they may not be aware of. We work with your values and vision - and align them to achievable goals. We partner with you - for Results and Your Success.

    We work with you and all levels of your staff to achieve these goals.

    For information on Home Health Consulting, please click here .

    Mary is available as a consultant in the Home Health industry.

    Along with our HealthCare Business Coaching, we have Workshops and Seminars in Excellence that can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Workshops can include: Communication Strategies; Creating an Effective Team; Values and Other Strategies that Impact Performance; and Motivation & Performance Strategies.

    These workshops further ensure you obtain the performance and results you need to succeed.

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