Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap, Issue #003 --

Your Passionate Life : The Life You Were Meant to Live Can Be Yours

Inside this edition:

  • Passionate Life: What Does That Mean?
  • Clarity
  • Be Attraction
  • No Tension

    Passionate Life: What Does That Mean?

    The word 'Passion' can have different meanings in different contexts. It actually comes from the Latin word 'patior', which means to suffer. The Greek work 'pathos' also means to suffer.

    We certainly don't believe that you will suffer by living your Passionate Life. On the contrary, most of the people in the world actually suffer by not living their Passionate Life. (I'm sure you know someone who resembles that.)

    Often we don't know what we truly are Passionate about until our world is shaken in one way or another. This could be the loss of a job, change of life status, or an illness. You hear of people having a 'wake up call'.

    The English definition changed the meaning to intense emotion or desire. In the old English it was intended to indicate that intense desire would cause suffering. Another part of the same English definition is 'Attraction'.

    When you look at Passion as Attraction - Isn't it interesting, that when you are living your Passionate Life you are living the life you are most Attracted to. This life is also very 'Attractive' to you, but you may not be aware of it.

    The fact is that every very successful person has that success because they are living their Passions. They are living and doing what they truly are Passionate about.

    The good news is that you can have this 'Successful Passionate Life' and it's easier than you think!


    To begin to attract this life - the life you are most attracted to - requires clarity. You need to be clear about what you really want.


  • What is it that, if/when you have it, makes you want to jump out of bed in the mornings?
  • What moves you in ways that nothing else does?
  • What, if it were in your life, would bring you the greatest happiness?
  • What, if you were doing it, would bring you the greatest satisfaction?
  • ...and

  • What if you had a different answer for all the above, and could have them all?

  • The first secret to having and living your Passionate Life is to be really clear about what it is you truly want in life.

    Be Attraction

    Once you are clear about what you truly want, you can either begin living it more - if it's already in your life; or you can attract it - if it's missing from your life.

    Lets talk about Attraction.

    It's easy to attract what you want into your life. Just put attention on it. According to Chris and Janet Attwood - co-authors of 'The Passion Test': What you put your attention on will show up in your life - only to the extent you are clear. (there's that clarity, again)

    The attention you put on what you want will attract it to you.

    Conversely, if you put attention on what you don't want in your life, what you don't want will show up.

    So, when attracting things to your life, make sure you put your attention on what you want.

    No Tension

    There is another trick here. Once you are clear, and have begun to attract the life you want, just stand clear and let it happen.

    This doesn't mean you should stop putting attention on it. It means to allow the process to occur without you directing it.

    Have you ever wanted something so badly, and did everything you could do to get it - only to be disappointed? You watched it so closely and tried to outsmart or get the jump on whatever or whoever you thought was in control of getting it to you.

    The issue with you directing it is that you won't know how it will line up. You won't know how it will actualize. So if you try to direct it, you are just interfering with Natural Universal Law.

    So, let it go and be open to however it comes into your life...and it will.


    When you have an opportunity or a decision to make, always choose in favor of what will bring you closer to your Passionate Life - the life you are meant to live. You will never be disappointed

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