Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap, Issue #006 --

Passion for Life
Inside this edition:

  • What's wrong?
  • The source of my greatest moment
  • Why I was up at 3am.
  • Ever wake up at 3am for no reason? (here's why)

  • Okay, so I never really thought about this until a friend of mine brought it up. He asked me:

    "Have you ever woken up, agitated or even shaking and terrified, then looked at the clock and it's 3AM?

    And you have no idea what's wrong?"

    Well as a matter of fact - yes. And it's happened far more than once.

    Has this ever happened to you? Or perhaps you've found that some days you feel numb or vaguely upset - and you can't figure out why. Know what I mean?

    If so... What gives?

    The answer might surprise you. It sure surprised me.
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    Not only will you discover the cause of those numb, hollow or broken moments we all encounter, you'll also have access to a F-R-E-E profile analysis that will provide massive insight into your current situation as well as advice for getting to wherever it is you're heading.

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